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NETWORK STATUS: All services are normal.  

NETWORK STATUS: All services are normal.  

NETWORK STATUS: All services are normal.  


Rocket Broadband provides High speed internet to apartment buildings, Industrial parks and multi office locations only.You need to have Rocket Broadband services installed to your building first before ordering our services via this website. We do not connect residential homes.
To get your building / location connected get your building manager or body corporate to give us a call.

Residential Internet

We offer apartment buildings and multi dwelling estates FTTB (fibre to the basement) internet. Providing 100Mbps* download speed and 40Mps* upload speed to our FTTB residential customers. Currently available at selected locations our Fibre speed To The Building is growing fast. Click the learn more link below to see the current plans and sign up today!

Business Internet

Our office building/business estate internet plans can be tailored for you. If you share a buildings with other businesses over many floors then contact us to see how we can help you achieve better internet speeds at lower prices with our business plans.

Sharing your internet

Sharing is necessary, as most people simply do not use the internet 100% of the time at its maximum capacity. Sharing access to reduce costs (like a freeway), is how things are done.  This is called contention. Do you know how many connections you are sharing your internet access with during peak times?


Rocket Broadband


ADSL Network


NBN Network

Rocket Broadband, why we are different….

Here at Rocket Broadband we operate our own network and do not use, or sell NBN connected services. This means we bypass the need to use the in ground fibre and copper network and connect apartment buildings, office buildings, student accommodation, and industrial business parks directly to our network via our own fibre or fixed wireless network.

As this is our network the distribution speeds are designed by us to build more speed into the network, and after all, speed is the the priority.
Unlike traditional DSL networks which had a contention ration of 80:1, or the NBN network with a estimated minimum of 300:1 contention. Our residential services are no higher than 25:1, and our business services are maximum of 10:1

So what does contention actually mean?

Simply put, on the Rocket Broadband network residential users share the internet access with 25 other people at the same time.
NBN network can be as high as 300:1 or higher. So you are sharing it with 300 other connections at the same time. This explains why at peak times, things can slow down.

We like to call it your own private super fast freeway lane, getting you to your destination quickly with less traffic congestion. Nice huh !

Your average access speed ?

We estimate the contention via the NBN is at a minimum of 50:1 on average, providing an average of 2.4 Mbps download speeds. With some built-up areas being even lower. Rocket Broadband peak capacity at the lowest value is 5 Mbps. This is over twice the access to speed when at maximum capacity.

4.63 Mbps

Rocket Broadband Network

Minimum network speed access avg per connection.

0.25 Mbps

Older ADSL2+ Network

Estimated average speed

What some of our happy internet customers say …

A first class experience commenced when I called Shane to price a connection for 10+ offices. Pricing is excellent and installation proceeded without an issue. Performance is great. I would thoroughly recommend Rocket .

Paul Dean

Great Service! We have been suffering from poor Internet speed for the past 6 months and just couldn't get anything decent for a reason price (for a business connection). Rocket Network had it connected yesterday and the speed is even faster than my NBN at home. Thanks guys!

Justin Zhang

Swapped over to these guys and was impressed with their timely service and that I am getting published speeds. Good value with "real people" service. Very happy new customer

Brian Smith

We had speed issues with our internet. Rocket had an easy solution and were swiftly and seamlessly able to install fast internet. We recommend Rocket Networks without hesitation.

Shane King

Connect your Apartment Building with Rocket Broadband for faster than NBN internet experience.